Site Updates

This page describes the updates made to the encyclopedia entries and other content on this site. It also includes updates to the design and infrastructure of the site, since that may be of interest to some of our visitors. Contact us with your feedback or questions.

Update Log

8 Jan 2017: The site is now mobile-ready, and with responsive layout as well (some work is still needed on images and image galleries). The left sidebar is replaced by a top navigation bar. Search is available on the top navigation bar, so you can now search from any page on the site. The front page has a new image (an image carousal is planned). A new design style of the encyclopedia entries has started to be rolled out slowly as well; currently only Oriental arborvitae and Canary Island date palm (the entries referred to in the caption of the new front page image) are formatted in this style.

Oct 2015: Inner Quad tree map revised in preparation for tree walks at the Canopy and Stanford Historical Society Trees of Stanford: A Walk Through Time event on campus. Also, a new footer navigation bar is introduced, containing new Contact Us and Site Updates pages.

Sep 2015: Removed the use of HTML frames for the top and left navigation, since frames are not supported well by browsers (for example: updates to a content page are not reflected when a visitor browses to that page, if that frame was already in the browser’s cache; an explicit reload of that specific frame was needed to see the changes). Also, with the removal of frames, each page now has its own easily obtainable URL that inclues the top and left navigation. SSI (Server Side Includes) is used instead of frames to include navigation on every page.

Fall 2014: Design update of front page of site and top-level (non-encyclopedia) articles. The masthead is set in Bembo, following the design of the book’s cover title.

2005–2014: Various updates to the site content.

2005: Site created in conjunction with the publishing of the book Trees of Stanford and Environs.