Prunus serrulata. ORNAMENTAL CHERRY. China
ROSACEAE (Rose family)

Following the 17 October 1989 earthquake, ornamental cherry varieties ‘Amanogawa’ and ‘Mt. Fuji’ (‘Shirotae’) donated by the Gifu Cherry Blossom Association were planted in the Oregon Courtyard (outer southeast Main Quad) in recognition of support from Stanford alumni and friends from the state of Oregon. Another cultivar, ‘Kwanzan’, can be seen on the north side of Braun Music Center; around Ventura Hall; and on both sides of the rear of Memorial Church. ‘Shogetsu’ can be seen in the attractive Amy Blue Garden between buildings 651 and 655 on Serra Street.

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Illustrations: ‘Kwanzan’ habit, rear Memorial Church, 12/7/03 | Fuji' in Oregon Court 4/16/04


Name derivation, genus | species Latin name for the plum tree | with small teeth (the leaves)

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