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Thank you for your interest in contacting us. We welcome queries about the trees on campus, suggestions and tree-related stories for this site, reports of any errors, and comments on what you like about this site.

Sairus Patel, editor of Trees of Stanford and a Stanford alum, is a life-long tree enthusiast and a passionate gardener. He’s served on the board of Canopy, Palo Alto’s urban forest non-profit, where he taught tree identification and photographed for Canopy’s online tree catalog. During his seven years on the board of Pacific Horticulture Society he was editorial assistant of its quarterly journal. He’s been a guest lecturer at Stanford and leads tree walks on campus and in neighboring communities. He works on font standards.

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John Rawlings, co-editor, formed the Trees of Stanford website in 2003 while researching the book Trees of Stanford and Environs. In 2014 he retired from an extensive career at Stanford University Libraries. He is an affiliate of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.

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