Oleaceae (olive family) Fraxinus

Fraxinus holotricha Moraine™ Moraine ash

Southeast Europe
Moraine ash lines Hanover Street in the Stanford Research Park. Sairus Patel, 12 Nov 2017
Moraine ash leaves and samaras from the Stanford Research Park. Sairus Patel, 15 Nov 2023

A cultivar of the Balkan ash selected in the United States, Moraine ash has an upright, oval-shaped crown and keeps it leaves longer than most other local deciduous ashes. Fall color is a pleasant yellow. As the leaves drop, the clusters of twisted 1¼ inch samaras become more conspicuous and cling on into winter. See Moraine ash lining the north side of Hanover Street south of California Ave in the Stanford Research Park, and placed in paired planters where nearby College Terrace streets dead end onto California Ave.

Botanical nomenclature has been changing, with Fraxinus pallisiae and F. angustifolia both proposed for the species name.

About this Entry: Authored Nov 2017 (SP). Updated Nov 2023 (SP).