Crataegus phaenopyrum. WASHINGTON THORN. Southeastern United States
ROSACEAE (Rose family)


native American hawthorn has clusters of white hanging flowers followed by red fruits. As winter comes on, the lobed 2½ -inch shiny leaves turn red or orange, and after they fall, the fruit remains. The leaves differ noticeably from the hawthorns; they have the same number of lobes, three to five, but they are sharply pointed. The fruits are about the same size, ¼ inch or more, and contain five stones.

There are handsome specimens on Santa Fe Avenue where it runs into Esplanada Way and at 680 Salvatierra Street. Squirrels are apt to make a mess in winter nibbling at the fruit.

Illustrations (links open new windows): leaves and ripening fruit, Lasuen Mall south of Braun Music


Name derivation, genus | species: The Gk name from kratos (strength) referring to the hard wood |

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