Hymenosporum flavum

Pittosporaceae (pittosporum family)
Queensland, New South Wales

A small tree with 3 to 6-inch pointed leaves and fragrant yellow flower clusters in summer. The flat seed pods contain numerous flat winged seeds.

See a tall specimen at the northeast corner of 557 Mayfield Avenue. Ten trees planted in 2012 line the parking on the west side of the John A. & Cynthia Fry Gunn Building (SIEPR) (see on map); they were in full bloom June 2013.

Examples were in the northern entrance to Wilbur Hall and in the southeast courtyard, where several members of the pittosporum family could be compared. They disappeared sometime after 1977. In 2002, two were planted at the new Humanties Center; both soon died.

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About this Entry: The main text of this entry is from Trees of the Stanford Campus, by Ronald Bracewell, Feb 1984. John Rawlings added Gunn and Humanities Center locations, and noted Wilbur removals ca. 2005–2013. Sairus Patel added 557 Mayfield location; all locations up to date (May 2021).