Stanford Eucalypts

Checklist of Current and Historical Plantings

We are currently (2020) revising these checklists. Stay tuned.

Stanford has had in the past one of the most diverse collections of Eucalyptus in California and still has some mature specimens of very rare and unique trees. The following two tables list 134 taxa of Eucalyptus known to have been planted on campus. Ron Bracewell reported 94 species, subspecies, and hybrids growing on campus as of March 1980, including trees at Heliopolis, 3185 Alpine Road, his former radio astronomy research site. A number of species had been already lost in the 1972 freeze.

Ron Bracewell memorial grove and bench

In August 2007 Dr. Matt Ritter provided Herb Fong with 26 trees representing 8 species for planting on campus. All should thrive in local climate conditions. All were raised from seed. Detailed below are the number of individuals, species name, source or provenance if known, and the approximate seed-planting date. For those that were collected from horticultural trees in California, progeny were checked to make sure they lacked any hybrid characteristics. Hybridization of Eucalyptus in cultivation is rare in general.

In February 2008, the young trees were installed in an area south of the vernal pond on Lasuen Street. Jean Lane honored Ron with the donation of a bench, which overlooks the pond. The trees were plotted on Grounds Services young specimen tree inventory map and were being monitored monthly.

  • 4 E. grandis, Sheffield seeds Australia, 10/2006
  • 4 E. crenulata, from seed collected from the only tree in California on the UCSB campus, 9/9/2006 [this species is endangered in the wild and very rare in California]
  • 2 E. goniocalyx, from seed collected from a tree in Los Osos on Inyo Drive, 4/13/2006
  • 4 E. punctata, from seed collected from a tree in the Vasona Lake Max Watson Grove (MR#80), June 2006
  • 3 E. creba, from seed collected from a tree on the Stanford campus on the intersection of Palm Drive and Arboretum Rd., 5 yards off Palm Drive, June 2006
  • 3 E. nitens, Sheffield seeds Australia, 10/2006
  • 3 E. neglecta, from seed collected from a tree in the Max Watson grove at the U.C. Santa Cruz arboretum, November 2006
  • 2 E. blakelyi, from seed collected from a tree at 3185 Alpine Road originally planted by Ron Bracewell, June 2006

Bibliography of Stanford Eucalypts

Eucalypts in California

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Eucalypts Present 5/06–12/06

Key to tables:
* = Thomas Douglas reported planted this species in the Arboretum 1888–1891
+ = Known only from 3185 Alpine Rd
(number) = height in feet as of 1980
MR = Verified by Dr. Matt Ritter

  Present 01/31/01 Present 5/06–12/06 AABGA tour Survived 1972 freeze, 3185 Alpine Rd.
acaciiformis YES+ [unnum.-NW] YES+/MR   y (20)
aggregata YES YES/MR   y (40)
albens YES [lost before 5/03] ? —may be stump sprouting y
albida YES+ [nnn-NW] YES+/MR    
blakelyi YES+ [258-NW] YES+/MR    
botryoides YES YES/MR y  
bridgesiana YES YES/MR   y (20)
caesia YES+ [169-NE] ?   y (5)
camaldulensis YES * YES/MR y y (30)
cinerea YES YES y y (10)
citriodora YES YES/MR y  
cladocalyx YES * YES/MR   y (25)
conferruminata YES YES/MR    
cornuta YES NO y  
crebra YES YES/MR    
crenulata 4 trees, planted 2/11/2008. UCSB Seed Bracewell grove near vernal pool in Arboretum off Lasuen    
cypellocarpa YES+ [2019-NW] ?   y (30)
diversicolor YES YES    
dundasii YES YES/MR    
dwyeri YES [but lost before 5/05] NO y  
erythronema YES YES/MR    
ficifolia YES YES   y (7)
globulus YES YES   y (50)
g. var compacta YES      
goniocalyx YES YES/MR  
grandis 4 trees, planted 2/11/2008. Sheffield Seeds Australia Bracewell grove near vernal pool in Arboretum off Lasuen    
gunnii YES YES/MR   y (35)
intertexta YES YES/MR    
kruseana YES YES/MR    
lehmannii YES YES/MR    
leucoxylon YES YES/MR y y (35)
linearis (pulchella) YES YES/MR   y (30)
loxophleba YES+ [230-NW] ?    
macrandra YES YES/MR y y (15)
mannifera (maculosa) YES YES/MR   y
megacornuta YES YES/MR    
melliodora YES YES/MR   y (25)
morrisbyi YES+ [148,166,168-NE] ?   y (25)
neglecta 3 trees, planted 2/11/2008. Ron Bracewell grove near vernal pool in Arboretum off Lasuen    
nicholii YES YES/MR   y (30)
nitens 3 trees, planted 2/11/2008. Sheffield Seeds Australia Ron Bracewell grove near vernal pool in Arboretum off Lasuen    
ochrophloia YES+ [2017-NW; 311-SW] ?   y (15)
oleosa YES YES/MR    
paniculata YES YES/MR    
parvula (parviflora) YES YES/MR   y (30)
patens YES YES    
pauciflora YES+ [2016-NW: 1014-NE] ?   y (25)
pellita YES YES/MR   y (20)
platypus YES YES/MR y  
polyanthemos YES * YES/MR y y (20)
pulchella YES YES/MR   y (30)
pulverulenta YES YES/MR y y (15)
punctata YES YES/MR    
redunca YES YES/MR y  
resinifera YES YES/MR    
robusta YES YES/MR   y (20)
rudis YES YES/MR    
salubris YES YES/MR    
sideroxylon YES YES/MR y  
squamosa YES+ [279-NW] ?   y (30)
stellulata YES+ [279;2013-NW] [424,425-SE] ?   y (20)
urnigera YES+ [1090-NE] ?   y (30)
viminalis YES * YES/MR   y (30)
viridis YES YES/MR    

Eucalyptus Lost
  present 9/2004 AABGA tour Survived 1972 freeze, 3185 Alpine Rd.
albens NO [lost before 5/03] y y
alpina NO+    
amygdalina NO+    
amplifolia NO+   y (20)
angophoroides NO+   y (25)
angulosa NO+    
annulata NO+    
astringens NO+    
burdettiana NO+   y (25)
burracoppinensis NO+    
calycogona NO+   y (5)
campanulata NO+    
clelandii NO+    
coccifera NO+    
compacta NO  
conglobata NO+    
cornuta YES [lost before 5/05] y  
cosmophylla NO+   y (10)
cypellocarpa NO+ [2019-NW]   y
dalrympleana NO+  
desmondensis NO+    
dielsii NO+  
diptera NO+   y (5)
dwyeri YES [but lost before 5/05] y  
ebanoensis NO+    
eremophila NO+  
erythrandra NO+  
erythrocorys NO+  
eugenioides NO+  
eximia NO+    
exserta NO+  
flocktoniae NO+  
forrestiana NO+  
froggattii NO+   y (20)
gillii NO+  
globoidea NO+  
gomphocephala NO * +   y (15)
grandis NO+  
grossa NO+  
gummifera NO+  
kingsmillii NO+   y (5)
kitsoniana NO+   y (25)
laeliae NO  
lansdowneana NO+   y (25)
ligistrina NO+    
macarthurii ?    
macrocarpa NO+  
maculata ?   y (10)
maidenii NO+  
microcarpa NO+   y (7)
niphophila NO+   y (10)
nortonii NO+   y (18)
nutans NO+  
obliqua * NO  
occidentalis NO+   y (20)
ovata NO+  
oxymitra NO+    
pauciflora ?+ [2016-NW: 1014-NE]   y (25)
perriniana NO+  
preissiana NO+    
pruinosa NO+    
pyriformis NO+    
racemosa NO+   y (12)
saligna NO+  
salmonophloia NO+  
sepulcralis NO+    
similis NO+    
spathulata NO+  
stricklandii NO+   y (12)
stowardii NO+    
tetraptera NO+  
tinghaensis NO+   y (8)
torquata NO+  
torwood NO+    
uncinata NO+  
woodwardii NO+