Species Lost

This is a preliminary checklist of species lost from the central campus and arboretum area, including notes on trees to watch.

Nomenclature conformed to Hortus Third.

Source legend:

AW38 = Wilson, Albert. 1938. Distinctive Trees, Shrubs, and Vines in the Gardens of the San Francisco Peninsula. PDF available.
GGG09 = Dudley, William. 1909. The Gymnosperms Growing on the Grounds of Stanford University.
GGG13 = Abrams, L.R. 1913. The Gymnosperms Growing on the Grounds of Stanford University. Stanford Univ. Publications. Univ. Series, vol. 11 (Dudley Memorial Volume). Revision of Prof. Dudley’s 1909 checklist.
GGG50s = 195? The Gymnosperms Growing on the Grounds of Stanford University. Revision of nomenclature in Prof. Abrams’ 1913 edition, after Bailey, 1949.
FA37 = Planting Guide Laurence Frost Memorial Amphitheatre. 1937.
FA56 = MacDonald, W. M. 1956. A Preliminary Check List of the Cultivated Woody Plants of Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University.
IQ55 = MacDonald, W. M. 1955. Check List of the Trees and Shrubs of the Inner Quad.
RB73 = Bracewell, Ron. 1973. Trees on the Stanford Campus: an invitation to contribute.
RB84 = Bracewell, Ron. 1984. Trees on the Stanford Campus.
RB03 = Bracewell, Ron. 2005. Trees of Stanford and Environs. Stanford: Stanford Historical Society.
SSHT77 = Parker, William. 1977. Some Stanford Heritage Trees. Updated by Karen Stidd, Arborist, Carol Sweetapple, Horticulturalist, October, 2001.
THD = T.H. Douglas. 1889–1991. Daily Journal. Archives SC 195. THD in the notes column indicates species was either propagated in the nursery or transplanted from the Stanford residence.
TOS84 = Bartholomew, Karen. 1984. From avocados to zelkovas: A sampler of Stanford trees. Campus Report, Nov. 14.
WHTW77 = Wilbur Hall Tree Walk, May, 1977.

Species Source Notes
Abies balsamea RB73, RB84 no location provided
Abies cephalonica GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s  
Abies firma GGG50s syn. A. momi
Abies grandis GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s  
Abies nordmanniana GGG09, GGG13, FA37, FA56, GGG50s  
Abies numidica GGG50s  
Acacia armata RB73, RB84  
Acacia cultriformis RB73, RB84  
Acacia pravissima RB73, RB84  
Acacia verticillata RB73, RB84  
Acanthopanax ricinifolius see Kalopanax pictus    
Acer circinatum FA56, RB84 Fallen Leaf Lake; no longer known on campus
Acer ginnala FA56 Replanted in green belt off Junipero Serra Blvd, 150 yards N. of Stanford Ave. 6 trees.
Acer pseudoplatanus RB73, RB84 Watch, drought stress
Aesculus octandra RB03, RB84 Transplanted, doing poorly
Agathis dammara GGG13, GGG50s, SSHT77 Planted 1910, Prof. Durand’s garden, 634 Mayfield Ave. Syn. A. alba, A. loranthifolia.
Alectryon excelsus RB73, SSHT77, RB84, RB03 New planting 2003 (in the corner between the fronts of Durand and Skilling, to the right of the Durand steps, to the left of the Skilling patio) removed in error during a building project. Planting by D.S. Jordan near Serra House in 1893 was lost before 2000 because of road realignment.
Amorphophallus rivieri AW38 Devil’s Tongue, old Stanford Residence
Aralia spinosa AW38 538 Mayfield
Araucaria angustifolia GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s  
Araucaria heterophylla GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s Currently only known as potted plant in Green Library, and two in outdoor planters, Wilbur Hall
Arctostaphylos stanfordiana    
Arctostaphylos tomentosa ssp. crustacea (Arctostaphylos crustacea)   THD propagated from seed and planted on university grounds. Abundant in wild at Jasper Ridge.
Azara microphylla RB84  
Callitris sp. RB84  
Carnegia gigantea photographs original planting in Arizona Garden
Castanea dentata FA56  
Cephalotaxus fortunei GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s  
Cephalotaxus harringtonia  GGG13, GGG50s   
Chamaecyparis pisifera FA37, FA56  
Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Plumosa’ FA37, FA56  
Chionanthus virginicus SSHT77, RB84  
Crinodendron patagua RB73, RB84  
Cunninghamia lanceolata SSHT77  
Cupressus goveniana THD, GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s THD
Cupressus guadalupensis FA56  
Cupressus macnabiana GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s  
Daphniphyllum macropodum THD  
Diospyros virginiana FA56 Several old trees in creek corridor
Dracaena draco THD, AW38, RB73, RB84 AW includes photo (p. 89) of a dragon tree in outer NE circle of the Inner Quad, which had died prior to 1938. THD had transplanted a number of dragon trees from the Stanford residence to university grounds 1189–1891. A 3-foot tall specimen has been recently planted in the Arizona Garden (Fall 2003).
Dracaena sp. IQ55 probably same individuals reported as D. draco. THD
Elaeagnus angustifolia FA56  
Eucalypus Checklist    
Fagus grandifolia FA37  
Firmiana simplex Olmsted 1891 Planting Plan syn. Sterculia platanifolia
Fouquieria columnaris observation 2003 At risk in freezing weather. Transplanted in Arizona Garden in 2000. Second individual transplanted in 2004.
Hakea laurina RB84, RB03, AW38 Several mature trees earlier lost, probably to cold. See on the west side of Raimundo Rd behind 783 Tolman.
Hakea suaveolens RB84 Tall specimens were growing at 505 [?] Lasuen Mall on the north side and there was a row on Escondido Rd west of Campus Drive.
Hymenosporum flavum WHTW77, RB73, RB84 In 2002 Grounds planted Hymensporum at the new Humanties Center but both specimens died, and they didn’t have a good source for healthy trees.
Juniperus species   See the Arizona Garden/Mausoleum Area checklist
Kalopanax pictus var. Maximowiczii SSHT77 There is an unhappy Kalopanax septemlobus in a planter at Grounds office
Laburnum anagyroides FA37, FA56  
Lithocarpus densiflora RB73, RB84  
Magnolia virginiana FA56 Replanted spring 2003; see Green Library and Law tree maps.
Michelia figo FA56, RB03 Endangered, one tree remains (see Green Library tree map); included in Olmsted’s 1891 planting plan (syn. Magnolia fuscata). Spring 2005: remaining plant had been removed.
Myrsine australis All Inner Quad list before 1997.  
Parkinsonia aculeata RB73, RB84  
Phellodendron amurense FA56  
Picea mariana THD THD
Picea sitchensis THD, GGG13, GGG50s THD
Picea smithiana GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s, SSHT77, TOS84  
Picea torana FA37  
Pinus banksiana THD THD
Pinus cembra GGG13, GGG50s  
Pinus contorta ssp. murrayana GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s, RB84 Fallen Leaf Lake; no longer known on campus
Pinus edulis GGG13, GGG50s, RB2003 Endangered
Pinus jeffreyi GGG13, GGG50s, RB73, RB84, RB03 One tree on campus
Pinus lambertiana GGG13, GGG50s  
Pinus monticola THD, GGG13, GGG50s THD
Pinus nigra ssp. laricio THD THD
Pinus patula RB73, RB03, RB84 still found in residential area
Pinus pinaster GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s THD
Pinus pityusa GGG50s Pinus halepensis var. pityusa Stevens.
Pinus ponderosa THD, GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s, RB73, RB84, RB03 Endangered, single tree in Arboretum. THD. Young trees in Lathrop Park, bearing cones.
Pinus quadrifolia GGG13, GGG50s  
Pinus strobus GGG13, GGG50s  
Pinus sylvestris THD, GGG09, GGG13, FA37, FA56. GGG50s, RB73, RB84 THD. Two young trees in disturbed grassland at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
Pinus wallichiana THD, GGG13, GGG50s syn. P. excelsa. THD
Pistacia vera THD, FA56 THD
Pittosporum phillyraeoides WHTW77  
Platanus occidentalis FA56  
Platanus orientalis FA37, RB84  
Prosopis glandulosa 2002 observation One tree, preserved during Carnegie Institute expansion, 2003
Prunus campanulata FA56  
Prunus pseudocerasus FA37  
Quercus chrysolepsis RB73, RB84 Still found at Jasper Ridge
Quercus garryana FA56  
Quercus imbricaria FA56  
Quercus nigra FA56  
Sambucus callicarpa RB73, RB84  
Sciadopitys verticillata GGG13, GGG50s   
Sorbus aucuparia FA37  
Taxodium distichum GGG09, GGG13, AW38, RB73, TOS84  
Taxodium mucranatum GGG09, GGG13, AW38 Arboretum tree lost; doubtful report of individual in residential area, RB03
Thujopsis dolobrata GGG13, FA37, AW38, FA56  
Thujopsis dolobrata ‘Variegata’ GGG13 Kingscote Gardens Apts
Tilia tomentosa FA56  
Torreya californica GGG09, GGG13, GGG50s, SSHT77, TOS84, RB73, RB84  
Ulmus americana RB73, RB84, Elm location map Maps & Records Record Group ML0146. All the remaing large-leaved elms are threatened.
Ulmus glabra RB73, RB84, Elm location map Maps & Records Record Group ML0146. All the remaing large-leaved elms are threatened.
Ulmus minor RB73, RB84, Elm location map Maps & Records Record Group ML0146. All the remaing large-leaved elms are threatened.
Viburnum suspensum    
Vitex agnus-castus Olmsted 1891 Planting Plan  
Vitex negundo AW38 Arboretum, 8 feet high, est. 15 years old
Yucca brevifolia AW38 Arizona Garden (8 feet high, est 35 years old), another near creek bank, Stanford Convalescent Home

28 May 2003