Pinus patula. JELECOTE PINE. Mexico
PINACEAE (Pine family)

A rather strikingly different pine with light green needles, some to 12 inches long, though most somewhat shorter, that hang in fans almost straight down. The needles are in bunches ofthree or more. The cones are about 4 inches or so long, with shiny scales.

See it at 840 Lathrop Drive; at 883 Lathrop, a Jelecote is left of the P. canariensis. In Palo Alto, three are in the parking lot divider on the north side of the Main Library on Newell Road. Two can be seen at 224 Greenmeadow Way, on the right side along the fence.

A simple key to campus pines.

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Additions/Revisions: P. patula needles are 15-25 cm long (Flora Neotropica 75; Farjon, Pines, 2nd. ed. 2005)

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