Viburnaceae (viburnum family) Viburnum

Viburnum suspensum sandankwa viburnum

Ryukyu Island

Shrub, upright 6 feet high; opposite leaves are broadly elliptical, shining above and paler beneath. Uncommon on campus: Lasuen Mall at Bldg 505 (located on Green/Meyer Library Area tree map), but was removed January 2006 for renovation of Bldg 505.

Name derivation: Viburnum – a classical Latin name for one species of this genus, V. lantana, the so-called wayfaring tree.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the main text of this entry ca. 2006. Family updated from Caprifoliaceae to Adoxaceae (Nov 2019, SP). Family updated to Viburnaceae (May 2023, SP).