Eucalyptus resinifera. RED MAHOGANY. New South Wales, Queensland

MYRTACEAE (Myrtle family)

A tall, single-trunked tree with rough, reddish, stringy bark that extends over the branches and has dense, red wood that reminded early Australian colonists of Jamaican mahogany. The leaves are broad, glossy green on top and paler green below. A row of eight neat trees planted about 1950 is to be found on Campus Drive near Maples Pavilion in front of the Sports Cafe. There is at least one E. nicholii, also with persistent, rough bark, among the red mahogany.

Bud and capsule illustration from Australia Forestry and Timber Bureau, Illustrations of the buds and fruits of eucalyptus species, with an alphabetical index, covering 486 species and varieties, 4th ed., Canberra, 1962.

Voucher image courtesy of Prof. Matt Ritter and Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University.

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Additions/Revisions: With E. pellita in Ser. Annulares—bark fibrous throughout: adult lvs. alternate, green, discolorous; valves 3-4, exerted.

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