Eucalyptus pellita. LARGE-FRUITED RED MAHOGANY. Queensland, New South Wales
MYRTACEAE (Myrtle family)

This tree, which resembles E. resinifera, has the pleasant habit of dropping collectible, woody opercula that children like to play with and that adults think they should

be able to do something with. They are about half an inch across. Appropriately enough, a specimen was planted in the Stanford Elementary School yard, which was later built over by Pearce Mitchell Houses. The tree still stands on Salvatierra Street close to Santa Ynez Street against the old schoolyard wall. Two others grow in the north corner of the Bonair Siding parking lot. Bonair Siding parking lot: UTM 10S 0574423 4142604. [The latter two trees were cut down Fall 2008 during a remodelling project of a sports facility.]

Bud and capsule illustration from Australia Forestry and Timber Bureau, Illustrations of the buds and fruits of eucalyptus species, with an alphabetical index, covering 486 species and varieties, 4th ed., Canberra, 1962.

Voucher image courtesy of Prof. Matt Ritter and Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University.

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Additions/Revisions: With E. resinifera in Ser. Annulares—bark fibrous throughout: adult lvs. alternate, green, discolorous; valves 3-4, exerted.

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