Washingtonia filifera. CALIFORNIA FAN PALM. Southern California
PALMAE (Palm family)

Stouter and shorter than the much more common Mexican fan palm and hairier on the leaf margins. Specimens can be seen in six islands of the Inner Quad. In Palo Alto, the three specimens at 918 Moreno Avenue can easily be compared to the Mexican fan palm nearby at 924 Moreno.

Illus. right: George B. Sudworth. Forest Trees of the Pacific Slope. USDA, 1907. Click for larger image | palmately compound (fan palm) leaf and petiole (leaf stalk)

Nomenclature from Fred Hrusa's CROSSWALK http://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/get_xw4.pl?which=both&taxon_name=Washingtonia
Washingtonia filifera (L. Linden) H. Wendl.
Brahea filamentosa (Fenzi) H. Wendl.--->source: MSC IPNI
Neowashingtonia filamentosa (Fenzi) Sudw.--->source: Mnz IPNI
Pritchardia filamentosa Fenzi--->source: Mnz IPNI
Washingtonia filamentosa (Fenzi) Kuntze--->source: Abr1 IPNI
Brahea filifera S. Watson--->source: UNK IPNI
Pritchardia filifera L. Linden--->source: Mnz IPNI
Washingtonia filifera (L. Linden) H. Wendl. var. robusta Parish, non Wendl.--->source: MSC IPNI
Washingtonia filifera (Lind.) Wendl.--->source: Mnz IPNI

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Name derivation, genus | species Washington'ia: after George Washington (1732-1799), 1st President of the United States | (leaves) composed of or bearing thread-like structures

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