Trachycarpus fortunei. WINDMILL PALM. China
PALMAE (Palm family)

Leaves like fans, rather smaller than on other fan palms, with slender toothed stalks characterize the windmill palm. The scars of old leaves are enmeshed in a tangled mass of hair that decays with age to reveal a trunk that tapers downward. Original specimens, circa 1890, can be seen in the inner and outer southeast circles of the Inner Quad.

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Illustrations (links open new windows): habit (Roble Gym Court) | trunk detail

Additions/Revisions: Among the hardiest of palms.

Name derivation, genus | species: From Gk trachys (rough) and karpos (fruit) | after Robert Fortune (1812-1880) who collected in China, and introduced the tea plant from China into india. Also see Fortunella.

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