Tilia platyphyllos. LARGE-LEAF LINDEN. Europe
TILIACEAE (Linden family)

This tree’s leaves, up to 5 inches, are longer than those of T. cordata, little-leaf linden, and the leaf margins usually are more sharply and regularly serrate. The leaves’ undersides generally are light green, while those of T. cordata normally have a whitish cast. Five old specimens can be seen at 575 Salvatierra Street near Campus Drive East, and one across the street, remaining from a former row (1904). Two tall trees with trunk diameters more than 3 feet are at Columbae House, 549 Lasuen Mall.

Illus.: McMinn, Howard E. and Evelyn Maino. 1951. An illustrated manual of Pacific coast trees; with lists of trees recommended for various uses on the Pacific coast by H. W. Shepherd. 2d ed. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

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