Spiraea prunifolia · bridal wreath spiraea · China
Spiraea nipponica · Japanese spiraea · Japan

Rosaceae (rose family)
Bridal wreath spiraea, Rains Houses. Irene Beardsley, 25 Apr 2005

Erect shrubs with arched branches. Leaves ovate-elliptic to 1.5 in long, incised-serrate in upper half, sometimes lobed; flowers small and white, in umbels. Bridal wreath is planted at Rains Houses. There is an old planting of Japanese spiraea across a walk from the Cornus capitata at the northwest corner of Lagunita Court facing Santa Teresa St. Its firm leaves are distinctively blue-green and the umbel-like inflorescence is subtended by a tiny bract; in flower later April 2007.

Illustrations: gallery.

Name derivation: Spiraea – from Gk. speira, wreath; prunifolia – Japan.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the main text of this entry ca. 2007.