Rhamnus alaternus. ITALIAN BUCKTHORN. Mediterranean
RHAMNACEAE (Buckthorn family)

Like the coffeeberry that grows in the hills near Stanford, the evergreen Italian buckthorn has 2-inch lanceolate, leathery, glossy leaves, with sparse teeth and with a paler color below, and clusters of 1/4-inch fruits that are red before turning black. Two rows, running toward Old Anatomy, are growing at the northwest corner of the Cantor Center. Curiously, this plant is under pest control in New Zealand. California coffeeberry, R. californica, is widely planted on campus, including Serra Mall. At Stanford Sierra Camp one may see R. rubra, the Sierra coffeeberry.

Illus.: The secondary leaf veins of the genus Rhamnus are festooned: they loop together at their ends.

Illustrations: branchlet

Additions/Revisions: Italian buckthorn is weedy in wild areas of campus.