Fagaceae (beech family) Quercus

Quercus engelmannii Engelmann oak

S California, NW Baja California

Several oak species new to campus, or rarely seen here, were planted in 2003 by Magic, Inc., of Palo Alto. The plants were small, and in some cases only acorns: Q. calliprinos (Palestine oak), Q. engelmannii (Engelmann oak), and Q. parvula var. shrevei (Shreve oak). Three Mexican oak acorns also were planted: Q. greggii, Q. diversifolia, and Q. mexicana.

A Q. engelmannii hybrid with Q. castaneifolia is at the Galvez Street planting. A recovering tree on Serra Street seems true to species, however. A terribly stunted individual is at the Palo Road planting.

About this Entry: This stub entry added Sep 2017 (SP). Locations provided by Dave Muffly.