Michelia champaca. CHAMPACA. Himalayas
MAGNOLIACEAE (Magnolia family)

This handsome tree has yellow-orange fragrant flowers suitable for perfumery in summer and winter, and sporadically in other seasons. The 2 ½ inch wide by 9-inch long light green leaves (longer than those of M. doltsopa) are pale below. Several trees planted in recent years now have trunk diameters around 2 inches. Examples can be seen at the east end of Sequoia Hall, planted Spring, 2002; variety 'Alba' at the west-facing end of Encina Hall, Spring 2002; behind the Bookstore (moved from Memorial Church making way for the camellia plantings); in a small lawn on Lomita Mall near Panama Mall and Mitchell Earth Sciences, February 2003.

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Additions/Revisions: The tree behind Memorial Church was moved to the back lawn of the Bookstore in winter 2005. It's between two saucer magnolias. The tree near Sequoia Hall died and was removed, as was variety 'Alba' at the SW corner of the Law School.

Name derivation, genus | species Pietro Mecheli (1670-1737), Florentine botanist noted for work on fungi |

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