Mahonia aquifolium (Berberis aquifolium). OREGON GRAPE. British Columbia to N. California

Shrub, upright to 6 ft, glossy green, 6-12 inch long, alternate, pinnately compound leaves, each with 5-9 3-inch long, spiny leaflets. New growth purplish or bronze color. Clusters of blue berries in fall. Along Galvez St., New Guinea Garden, Terman Engineering, Wolffson Grove (Garden behind Knight Bldg., Frost Amph. side), and other locations. Many Mahonia x Media 'Charity' were planted in the New Guinea Garden in May, 2013. some of the plants earlier identified as Mahonia aquifolium may also be Charity Mahonia.

Illus.: single leaflet of pinnately compound leaf.

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