Juglandaceae (walnut family) Juglans

Juglans hindsii × J. regia Paradox walnut

A Paradox walnut fruits at Greer Park, Palo Alto. Sairus Patel, 10 Jul 2023
One remains of the pair of Paradox walnuts at Briones Park, Palo Alto. Sairus Patel, 10 Jul 2023

A hybrid of our Northern California walnut with the common walnut of Eurasia, Paradox was developed by master horticulturalist Luther Burbank. Mainly used for rootstock for the common walnut due to its vigor, Paradox walnut clones were also the tree used in a 2003 artistic experiment involving planting pairs of trees in various San Francisco and other Bay Area locations. Twenty years later, the following Palo Alto locations are thriving: one at the southeast corner of Briones Park (map pin); two at the (unirrigated) dog run in Mitchell Park, near the back edge of 455 E. Charleston Road (map pin); and two at Greer Park midway between the basketball courts and Amarillo Avenue (map pin). A couple of fruit were seen on a few of these; Paradox is not known to be a heavy fruiter.

It has seemed to do well both in lawn and without irrigation, and thus looks promising for campus. Since some proportion of “native” trees is often desired in landscaping, would two Paradoxes count for one or two native walnuts?

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About this Entry: Authored by Sairus Patel (Jul 2023).