Ilex aquifolium. ENGLISH HOLLY. Europe, North Africa, West Asia
AQUIFOLIACEAE (Holly family)

The familiar foliage plant of Christmas decorations with dark green shiny leaves, characteristically shaped, and with red berries. Several hollies grow inside Frost Amphitheater on the bank south of the stage, an old male and female are on the lawn north of The Knoll, and holly trees can be found in many other places around the campus, including the entrance to the School of Education and the north side of Encina Hall. Shrubby American species of Ilex containing caffeine were formerly prepared in the manner of tea.

Illus.: McMinn, Howard E. and Evelyn Maino. 1951. An illustrated manual of Pacific coast trees; with lists of trees recommended for various uses on the Pacific coast by H. W. Shepherd. 2d ed. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

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Additions/Revisions: In February 2008 the plants which had long grown at the front entrance to the School of Education (Cubberley) were replaced with Aesculus X carnea 'Briotii'

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