Euonymous fortunei. FORTUNE'S EUONYMOUS.
Euonymous japonica. EVERGREEN EUONYMOUS.
Euonymous occidentalis. WESTERN BURNING BUSH.
CELASTRACEAE (staff-tree family).

Shrubs, to 10 or 15 feet high; leaves simple, finely serrate, opposite, sometimes with unequal bases; distinctive fruit of white, red, or black seeds inclosed in an orange-colored aril. E. japonica grows on either side of path from Mausoleum lawn to Arizona Garden Entrance, near the Buxus hedge, and extensive planting along the northern cut-off path through the Oval ear and between Lomita Drive and the Oval. One bush near the Philadelphus shrubs along the north wall of the restroom behind Inner Quad Building 40.

The winter deciduous E. fortunei forms an extensive ground cover on the east side of Green Library between the building and lawn.

E. occidentalis is uncommon along trail 1 at Jasper Ridge: Jasper Ridge plant photo archive Euonymus occidentalis. More information about Jasper Ridge's flora and plant communities.

Illus.: E. japonicus, leaf

Illustrations: habit | E. fortunei fruit 1/11/05 | Jasper Ridge plant photo archive Euonymus occidentalis

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Name derivation, genus | species Euon'ymus: from the Greek eu, "good," and onoma, "a name" (ref. genus Euonymus) | Western []

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