Myrtaceae (myrtle family) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus redunca black marlock

Southwest Australia
Eucalyptus redunca flowers buds, leaves, and multiple trunks on the Eucalypt Walk. Sairus Patel, 12 Jul 2020
Eucalyptus redunca flowers and buds. John Rawlings, 21 Oct 2005

Two smaller multi-trunked mallees are on the Eucalypt Walk, in line with the southern end of Castaño, between the pathway along Campus Drive East and the curb (location).

Opercula are long, conical or horn-shaped; stamens are lemon or (as in ours) cream.

Eucalyptus redunca voucher. Courtesy of Prof. Matt Ritter and Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University

Illustrations: E. redunca gallery.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the main text of this entry ca. 2007. Minor edits; all locations verified (Sairus Patel, Jul 2020).