Eucalyptus platypus. ROUND-LEAFED MOORT. Western Australia

MYRTACEAE (Myrtle family)

The flat foot (platypus) refers to the flat strap-like peduncle, more than an inch long and up to half an inch wide that supports the cluster of seven buds. The opercula are long and narrower than the fruit and contain greenish stamens. If left to itself the tree prefers to grow low and multistemmed as a mallee, but the eight specimens on Campus Drive between Bonair Siding and Maples Pavilion are in a location where a thicket is undesirable and they have been pruned accordingly. The trunks are smooth with patchwork coloring ranging from orangish through light gray to dark gray, according to years of age. Two specimens in need of attention are on Serra Street against the fence of the Recycling Center. The tree belongs to the series of Cornutae; the resemblance to E. cornuta, E. lehmannii, E. macrandra, and E. megacornuta is easily recognizable. The wood is extremely hard and dense, very good for making bullroarers.

Campus Drive East half way between Serra Street and Escondido Road (identified on Ron Bracewell's Eucalyptus Walk: UTM 10S 0574396 4142270

Voucher image courtesy of Prof. Matt Ritter and Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Cal Poly State University.

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Additions/Revisions: Fl. Australia, 19 (1988) places E. platypus in Ser. 47 Elongatae, Page 218: E. erythronema is the type.

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