Myrtaceae (myrtle family) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus macrandra long-flowered marlock

Southwestern Australia
Eucalyptus macrandra buds and flower. John Rawlings, Oct 2004

This mallee or (rarely) tree is 2–8 m high, with smooth bark. The staminate filaments are lemon-green. Ron Bracewell noted two trees on Campus Drive East near the southwest intersection with Serra Street (UTM 10S 0574417 4142324) in his October 2000 Eucalyptus Walk map. They were in bloom October 28, 2004.

One of them was removed summer 2017 due to construction, along with various other eucalypts shown in the map.

Eucalyptus macrandra branchlet. John Rawlings, 16 Oct 2004

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About this Entry: John Rawlings authored this entry c. 2007. Lightly edited Dec 2017 (SP).