Eucalyptus kruseana. KRUSE'S MALLEE. Western Australia
MYRTACEAE (Myrtle family)

Kruse's mallee, a name embedded in literature, is also known as bookleaf mallee, but I have never heard it referred to in speech as other than kruseana. It is a popular ornamental that grows to a height of about 8 feet and bears small, light blue-green, rounded leaves that clasp the stem in pairs. It has two botanical peculiarities among eucalypts: it is one of only three or so species that retain their juvenile foliage indefinitely, and it is the only species that has petals (admittedly they are only small triangular teeth and have to be looked for carefully). It is frost resistant, survives with only 8 inches of rain, and is not particular about soil (or adjacent curbs, hydrants, or blacktop, as evidenced by the location of our only specimen, on Campus Drive at Bonair Siding). It has been used elsewhere as a small street tree. UTM 10S 0574436 4142409

Voucher image courtesy of Prof. Matt Ritter and Cal Poly Herbarium.

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