Myrtaceae (myrtle family) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus albens white box

New South Wales, Victoria
Two multi-trunked Eucalyptus albens and fruit capsules, Eucalyptus Walk. Sairus Patel, 12 Jul 2020
Eucalyptus albens branch with leaves and flower buds, Eucalyptus Walk. Sairus Patel, 12 Jul 2020

See two multi-trunked specimens on the Eucalypt Walk, in line with the southern end of Castaño, between the pathway along Campus Drive East and the curb (location).

A resprouting stump nearby observed in 2006 was noted as possibly being of the same species (Matt Ritter, May 2006, Stanford Eucalyptus Report).

Eucalyptus albens flower buds and fruit, Eucalyptus Walk. Sairus Patel, 12 Jul 2020
Resprouting stump, possibly of Eucalyptus albens, on the Eucalyptus Walk. Matt Ritter, May 2006

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About this Entry: John Rawlings added this entry in 2007, indicating the two specimens had been removed. Sairus Patel corrected it to indicate the two trees are indeed present; the stump note may be predicated on the assumption of the specimens’ removal; all locations verified (Jul 2020).