Cupressus cashmiriana. CASHMIR CYPRESS. Kashmir and Tibet
CUPRESSACEA (Cypress family)

An exotic cypress with drooping branches and small 1/2- inch diameter cones (cf C. funebris). Lvs blue-gray. Kingscote Garden Apartments front lawn, 7-ft high specimen planted summer 2003. A second example 'Himalaya Dejarlingensis' was planted near the Kingscote Garden pond in December, 2005, and another on the north side of the Arizona Garden in December, 2007.

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Additions/Revisions: The initial planting in the KG lawn did poorly and was removed, as was its replacement. A third Cashmir cypress was planted near the same location in February, 2005.

Name derivation, genus | species classical Latin name for C. sempervirens | of Kashmir

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