Cupressus arizonica. ARIZONA CYPRESS. Southwestern United States, Mexico
CUPRESSACEAE (Cypress family)

This tree of the desert mountains is distinguished from the Monterey cypress mainly by its glaucous leaves and cones. It is popular for planting in the Southwest and also as a shapely Christmas tree. There are also a few small individuals on the north side of Sand Hill Road west of I-280 along the horse park property. Smooth-barked Arizona cypress, C. a. glabra, has succeeded on campus but has been sacrificed to construction except at Hanna House and at Escondido Elementary School in the fenced play yard bordering Stanford Avenue. Another tree is growing in the small courtyard of off office 5, Building C, Welch Road Blvd.

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Name derivation, genus | species classical Latin name for C. sempervirens | from Arizona

Related material: Cupressus L., Gymnosperm Database, "Cone morphology of allied taxa (e.g. the C. arizonica group) varies as much or more within populations than between populations, supporting the broad species concept" | treatment in Jepson Manual

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