Sapindaceae (soapberry family) Cupaniopsis

Cupaniopsis anacardioides carrotwood

Australia, Irian Jaya (Indonesia), Papua New Guinea
Cupaniopsis anacardioides pinnately compound leaf. John Rawlings, ca. 2005

Three of these subtropical trees were on the platform of the Palo Alto Caltrain station, southbound, near the Bike Connection concession at the north end of the station. The canopy of the furthest north carrotwood (in fruit April 2004) touched the canopy of a Carob tree. Both of these trees species have alternate, pinnately compound leaves. All these trees have been removed from the southbound platform. There are still two specimens on the northbound platform, south of the covered waiting area, as of December 2009.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the text ca. 2004 and updated it Dec 2009.