Rutaceae (rue family) Correa

Correa pulchella Australian fuchsia

Correa pulchella ‘Ivory Bells’, Memorial Auditorium. John Rawlings, , 8 Jan 2005

Shrub, spreading, 2–3 feet high. Leaves are simple, alternate, green above and gray-green (felted) below. Flowers resemble fuchsias, ½–¾ inch long tubes hand from brancehes like little bells. Long flowereing (late fall into spring). Cultivars include reddish-flowered ‘Carmine Bells’ and white-flowered ‘Ivory Bells’.

Oval ears; Jane Stanford Way at Lathrop Library; Sweet Hall; Tresidder Lot islands; 340 Bonair (‘Ivory Bells’); Memorial Auditorium main entrance off Jane Stanford Way (‘Ivory Bells’).

Related material: Stanford Grounds Plant Information Sheet. List No.12, p.10.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the main text of this entry ca. 2005.