Clerodendrum ugandense (Rotheca myricoides; Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense'). BUTTERFLY BUSH. Kenya and Uganda in East Africa.
Verbeniaceae (Lamiaceae)

"An open and sprawling evergreen shrub to 10 ft tall and wide. It has opposite leaves that are egg shaped, strongly toothed and about 3-4 in long. The inflorescences, borne at the ends of long arching branches, are panicles 4-10 in long composed of individual flowers about 1 in long, each with three pale blue lobes and one violet blue lobe. The flowers look like little butterflies in two different shades of blue and are produced more or less continuously throughout the summer and fall. " (FLORIDATA

There is an old planting on the east side of the Carnegie Institute main building.

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