Cinnamomum camphora. CAMPHOR TREE. China, Japan

LAURACEAE (Laurel family)

A member of the laurel family, which like all such members (for example the California laurel) contains aromatic essential oils. Crush a leaf and smell it. Camphor is distilled from the wood. The shiny green leaves are distinctive, helping to identify the tree at a distance. Small yellow flowers are followed by black berries containing a seed. Two venerable but declining patriarchs are in the inner northeast island of the Quad, several are in front of Encina Hall, and many are on Embarcadero Road near Newell Road, Palo Alto.

Illus.: McMinn, Howard E. and Evelyn Maino. 1951. An illustrated manual of Pacific coast trees; with lists of trees recommended for various uses on the Pacific coast by H. W. Shepherd. 2d ed. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

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