Cercidium floridum. BLUE PALO VERDE. California, Mexico

LEGUMINOSAE (Pea family)

This is a small summer-deciduous tree of the Sonoran desert with just a few very small leaflets, showy yellow flowers, and 3-inch long pods. A 'palo verde' might be expected to be green, but in this case the bark is bluish green; the intricate structure of the branches lends interest to its appearance. A specimen may be seen in the inside courtyard at the Cantor Center.

Illus.: leaves and flowers, June 16. 2005.

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Name derivation, genus | species: Cercidium: from the Greek kerkidion, "a weaver's shuttle," and descriptive of the woody fruits | floridum/floridus: either (1) free flowering, producing abundant flowers; or (2) bright, from California Plant Names

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