Hydrangeaceae (hydrangea family) Carpenteria

Carpenteria californica tree-anemone

Sierra Nevada Foothills

Shrub, subshrub, northeast back wall of Cantor Center (Cantor Center tree map), north side Roble field bordering parking lot, Santa Teresa berm with Fremontodendron, and other campus locations. Early spring bloom of showy white flrs to 2.5 inches wide. Native to the Sierra Nevada foothills, between Kings & San Joaquin Rivers, Fresno County.

Name derivation: Carpenteria – after Professor William M. Carpenter (1811–1848), a Louisiana physician and botanist; californica – of California. From California Plant Names.

About this Entry: John Rawlings authored the main text of this entry ca. 2005. Family updated from Philadelphaceae to Hydrangeaceae Jan 2018 (SP).