Camellia sasanqua. SASANQUA CAMELLIA. Eastern and southern Asia


or small tree, 1.5 to 12 ft tall, depending on cultivar. Blooms in fall and early winter, 1.5 to 4 inch single or double flowers, white to pink to red. Glossy, rich-green leaves are typically 1 inch wide and long (or at least normally smaller than those of C. japonica). Locations include Firehouse, Humanities Center, Ventura Hall: 'Showa No Sake', GSB west side at steps (blooming in November), new Mech. Engineering Bldg., outer southeast Quad circle, near its center.

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Name derivation, genus | species After George Joseph Kamel (1661-1706), pharmacist who studies Philippines flora | the Japanese name

Related material: Stanford Grounds Plant Information Sheet. List No. 11, page 5 | Rare, storied camellias to replace lawns near Memorial Church. Stanford Report March 2, 2005.

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