Brahea armata. MEXICAN BLUE PALM. Baja California
PALMAE (ARECACEAE) (Palm family)

A young specimen of this fan palm with fine light-blue yard-long leaves, 6 feet tall in 2002, can be found in the inner southeast island of the Inner Quad. The finely-ridged leaves are mostly less than an inch wide and taper gradually to pointed tips. This specimen first bloomed in June, 2009. The leaf points are not dangerous to brush against; the epithet armata refers to two rows of ¼ -inch-high sharp teeth densely packed on the yard-long leaf stalk. This palm is named for Tycho Brahe (1546–1601), the Danish astronomer who was descended from the author’s (i.e., Bracewell's) ancestors (Planetary Influences on Electrical Engineering, Proc. IEEE, vol. 80, pp. 230–237, 1992).

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