Araucaria bidwillii. BUNYA BUNYA. Queensland
ARAUCARIACEAE (Araucaria family)

A remarkable round-topped conifer, similar in look to the monkey puzzle tree and more common in cultivation, has small triangular leaves and enormous green cones resembling, and at least as large as, pineapples. The great 2-inch long nuts are edible, preferably roasted. Fallen cones are hard to find at Stanford. The tree exudes transparent resin, sometimes in the shape of icicles. Two are in Dohrmann Grove along Serra Mall, and one is at Kingscote Gardens. A skyline specimen is at the Buck Estate. There are two at 811 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, and two more in the median strip on Trinity Drive near Whitney in Menlo Park. Three old giants are next to the water tower at Holbrook-Palmer Park in Atherton. The tree is named for J. C. Bidwill (1815–1853).

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Name derivation, genus | species Araucani Indians of central Chile | J. C. Bidwill (1815–1853), Australian plant collector

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