Albizia distachya (A. lophantha). PLUME ALBIZZIA. Australia
Leguminosae (Pea family)

A few specimens about 10 feet tall on the Carnegie Institue back lawn at the Campus Drive end and near the lab. May have frozen back or have been cut back. Leaves feathery, alternate, twice-pinnately compound, 40-50 ultimate leaflets, each about 1/4-in. long. Flowering February 1, 2004. Bloom a spike of small, light green-yellow flowers with many exserted, conspicuous stamens, joined at their bases.

Illustration: McMinn, Howard E. and Evelyn Maino. 1951. An illustrated manual of Pacific coast trees; with lists of trees recommended for various uses on the Pacific coast by H. W. Shepherd. 2d ed. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

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