Fabaceae (pea family) Acacia

Acacia retinodes wirilda

South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria
Acacia retinodes. From An Illustrated Manual of Pacific Coast Trees, Howard E. McMinn & Evelyn Maino

Not common on campus, this acacia is readily recognized by the olive-green color and texture of its shrubby foliage. Flowering is not profuse, in fact, flowers may be sparse. The phyllodes are in the same general size range as those of A. longifolia and A. melanoxylon, but can be distinguished by having only one vein. There is a gland that is well away from the base of the phyllode. Specimens can be found at the north end of the fire road joining 511 Gerona Road to Campus Drive West.

About this Entry: The main text of this entry is from the book Trees of Stanford and Environs, by Ronald Bracewell, published 2005.